Some Real Life Examples Where We Were Able to Help

Here is an example of a recent assignment where ICBC's Average Fair Market Value was nowhere near the real value of the vehicle.

2017 Ford F-150 Supercrew 4WD XLT 385 hp with 314,746 KM in poor body condition as it was a former crew service truck in a Northern Alberta bitumen mine. Our client had paid $12,500 for the truck.

ICBC valued the truck at $32,337 and wanted ($32,337 x 12%) $3,880 in PST transfer tax

Our Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisal valued the truck at $12,688 saving our client ($3,880 - ($12,688 x 12% = $1,523)) = $2,357 in PST transfer tax.

Our appraisal cost the customer $140 which resulted  in them saving of $2,217 of their hard earned money

When was the last time someone gave you $2,217 ?

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