Classic & Collector's Car Valuation Appraisals

Let us for a moment imagine that a wildfire burned all your neighbours houses down as well as yours.  Everyone lost everything including their precious collectible cars and all their old pre-digital age documentation supporting their automotive investment.

The insurance company whose interest it is not to payout losses to the insured, offers your neighbours and you pennies on the dollar for what your collector cars are worth. They tell all of you to prove them wrong and show evidence to the contrary.

In a situation such as this, those that had the foresight to have a proper appraisal prepared beforehand are at a huge advantage compared to their unprepared neighbours. The reason for this is that it costs the insurance company a fortune to dispute an appraisal prepared by a professional who thoroughly documents a vehicle's condition as is, where is and when.

At Van Isle Auto Appraisal we arrive at your site, we agree upon the level of our service, the price of any additional services such as detailed reviews of documents, supplemental reports or specialized photography. When all is agreed and a 50% of the agreed upon price is paid as a deposit, we prepare our appraisal. When we are finished the balance of our agreed upon price is due. Once we are paid we release to you our report and any agreed upon extras.

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Be prepared before disaster strikes your restored classic automobile.

When Van Isle Auto Appraisal prepares your classic car appraisal we perform a physical examination of your vehicle at a specific location, at a verifiable moment in time. We take detailed notes on the condition of your automobile, the steps we took checking such condition and we take backup photographs that support what we saw. This process documents our starting point, the condition of the customers vehicle at a specific moment in time.

The next step of our appraisal process is determining the vehicle's value. For this we use the established principals of appraisal science where we determine the value of your vehicle using a cost based calculation, a comparison to recent sale prices of similar vehicles and finally a comparison to similar vehicles currently on the market.  We take an average of those three numbers to arrive at our appraised value of the Fair Market Value of your vehicle at a specific moment in time.  What makes our appraisal different from lower priced opinion puff pieces that call themselves appraisals is the thoroughness of our research and the quality of the documentation supporting our conclusions.  The puff piece will say "your vehicle looks very nice" and "it's worth a lot" since some other vehicle that is the same year as yours sold for big bucks at auction. We examine the entire market from the vehicles that sold for the big bucks to the vehicles that changed hands for a relatively minor amount. We compare your specific vehicle to others documenting how we arrive at our conclusion and how your vehicle differs from those at the extreme ends of the price spectrum. Once we have determined the vehicles relative position within the examined population, we show the math calculating both values of what would it have recently sold for had it been available for sale and how the vehicle compares relative to current asking prices for comparable vehicles. The appraised fair market value of a vehicle we arrive at is thoroughly supported by the how and why.

"Never bring a knife to a gunfight".  Bring out your biggest gun, hire   Van Isle Auto Appraisal for your classic car valuation needs.

A classic car appraisal prepared by Van Isle Auto Appraisal will cost more than most of the appraisals prepared by our competitors. A classic car appraisal prepared by Van Isle Auto Appraisal will be far more thorough than any of our competitor's reports. We are automotive experts that were trained by Price Waterhouse (now PWC) where we spent the years from 1985 to 1992 perfecting our skills at collecting, examining & documenting evidence. Our work will not have holes in it as our years of training have taught us that there is no substitute for thoroughness.  Think of a classic car appraisal as a lifeboat that if the occasion for it's use arises, it  better be watertight. By choosing Van Isle Auto Appraisal to appraise your collectible automobile you can sleep at night knowing that you have exercised proper due diligence.

Our classic car appraisal service is only available within the Greater Victoria region