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Classic Car  Valuation Appraisals (where we determine using several methods of valuation what your vehicle is worth) - We only offer this service South of Nanaimo as we are required to physically examine your vehicle. This is the most thorough vehicle appraisal on the market where we determine the fair market value of your vehicle to the best of our abilities. One should consider this the automotive equivalent to an auditors report as we use established principles of appraisal science, issue a valuation opinion  and we document all of the math involved. Customers are free to distribute this report as they wish. We take pride in the  work we do and our customers say it shows. Call to arrange for a quote as every collector car is unique.  

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Examinations - We offer this service to people residing in places other than the Greater Victoria area. Why drop several thousand dollars on a flight and accomodations on Vancouver Island when we can go physically examine the car on your behalf.  Our photographic equipment allows us to take detailed pictures of the vehicle's undersides which allow us to document the extent of corrosion. Starting at $250.00

Same Day In Person Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisal - We only offer this service in the Greater Victoria Area as we physically examine your vehicle's odometer reading and VIN number  at our location for $140.00 gst included. Call to make an appointment. If we are required to come to your vehicle the cost is $220.00 gst included.

Remote Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisal - Same day service $99.00 gst included

Photography for ICBC Collector Plate Applications - We only offer this service in the Greater Victoria Area as we physically photograph your vehicle in the prescribed sequence of photographs for ICBC purposes.  starting from $200.00 

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