We offer same day service covering all of BC for Fin 320 motor vehicle appraisals - don't  unnecessarily give icbc your hard earned money

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Same day remote appraisals starting at $99.00

You do not have to pay PST transfer tax on private vehicle purchases based upon ICBC's "make believe" vehicle values based upon an imaginary "Average Vehicle" of that same make & model year.  We are an authorized provider of Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisals that allow your Autoplan agent to override of ICBC's Average Vehicle Value when calculating your PST transfer tax payable on a private vehicle purchase. An appraisal prepared by Van Isle Auto Appraisal takes into account factors affecting Fair Market Value which may include;

Excessive wear and tear

Excessive odometer reading

Vehicle was used for commercial purposes

Pet hair or heavily smoked in

Missing or inoperable engine

Missing major components or assemblies

Vehicle was in a major accident

Vehicle subject to an immersion incident involving water or worse

Necessary repairs required

The list goes on and on.

Why pay unnecessary PST sales taxes?  With a remote same day Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisal you only pay transfer tax based upon the true value of the vehicle. 

Remote $99.00 same day Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisal for ICBC 

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Download our Fin 320 BC motor vehicle appraisal questionnaire 

Please right click the image of our questionnaire below (Van Isle Auto Appraisal Questionnaire) & select either open in a new tab or save  to receive our questionnaire. Afterwards print out the questionnaire. Please answer all questions and when completed, you may either scan or photograph the completed form. Please ensure that it is clear and legible. Send it back to us as an attachment in either pdf or jpeg format to our email  vanisle.auto.appraisals@gmail.com   or as a text attachment to our telephone number  (672)974-9764

If you need assistance please don't hesitate to call us. We will gladly email our appraisal questionnaire to you.

Call us at  672-974-9764

For fastest Fin 320 ICBC Motor Vehicle Appraisals for BC's PST transfer tax service, please call us at 672-974-9764  One of us will get your email address, then send you a copy of our Vehicle Appraisal Questionnaire. The email address that we use to send you our questionnaire is the email address we use to accept payment from you in the form of an interac e-transfer. That email address is also used to send us your completed appraisal questionnaires.  Don't pay tax on "Make Believe" vehicle values, choose to pay tax on reality instead.

We are testing our new online Fin 320 Motor Vehicle Appraisal questionnaire. By filling it out you provide us with all the information we need to complete a remote vehicle appraisal. To encourage our customers to assist us with our beta testing, we are upgrading every customer who uses the only form to our "Rush Service" a $140 value for the same $99 price. Complete the Online Fin 320 Vehicle Questionnaire by 6:30PM and have your appraisal ready by 8:30PM.