Pre-Purchase Vehicle Examinations

The Greater Victoria region has the lion's share of Canada's classic & collectible automobiles. Thanks to the mild climate vehicles could be driven on clear sunny days during the middle of winter with no fear of rock salt getting into places where it is not supposed to be. Cars last longer on the south island and as such more cars are available for sale. The problem that arises for prospective out of town purchasers is whether to part with $50,000.00 + sight unseen. At Van Isle Auto Appraisal we are available to preform pre-purchase examinations of vehicles located on Vancouver Island. We will attend the location where the vehicle is at and perform the tests and examinations we are hired to administer. We have specialized photographic equipment that allows us to photograph the undersides of classic cars in detail. Our lights and lenses provide our clients a detailed look into the cars hidden spaces. We can spot rust, signs of damage or irregularities that can have a material effect on your decision whether or not to purchase a specific vehicle. 

Above is an example of rust and a stress fracture that we found during the course of one of our vehicle examinations. 

The vehicle was immaculate, a 1967 North American muscle car with a big block engine. The interior looked as if the car was near new. The body appeared free of rust with no signs of visible damage. The price was agreed to between the buyer and seller at $67,000.00 subject to a final examination by the purchaser's agent and 24 hours thereafter cooling-off period to review the agents work.

The out-of-town buyers hired Van Isle Auto Appraisal to examine the automobile and any relevant documentation. Everything appeared to be in excellent condition with absolutely no signs of any hidden damage. The big block roared to life and once she warmed up she began to purr. The car sat level, there were no signs of any fluid leaks and every button/knob/switch was operable.

The final items on Van Isle Auto Appraisal's related to photographing the undersides of the vehicle. We use a very special Canon digital camera with features that allow us to take close up photos that would be impossible to take with an iPhone 14. We found a hidden stress fracture that we are quite certain the seller wasn't aware of.  Final result - Van Isle Auto Appraisal rained on the parade and the deal didn't go through.

Our vehicle examinations may include any of;

1> A vehicle test drive

2> Front to rear underside photography with increased areas of detail as per the client's request

3> An examination of documentation establishing continuity and providence

4> Completion with reporting back of one of our vehicle checklists supported by photographs

Our examination can go to any degree of detail our client is prepared to pay for. A moment's notice flight to Vancouver Island along with hotel room etc can easily exceed $5,000.00. Being ready to spend a tenth of that on due diligence can help one avoid making a very costly mistake.